University of Southern California

Microscopy Core Facility

USC Stem Cell

Confocal Microscope: Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal AxioImager.M1 (upright configuration)

Location: Broad CIRM Center (BCC) 205A (Pascal)

Description: The LSM 5 Pascal  are designed for routine confocal work and are very similar.

The Pascal, located in room 205A, has a 40x long working distance water dipping lens and temperature controlled stage and lens collar, which can be used for maintaining physiological temperatures.

The microscopes also have 2 fluorescent detectors + 1 transmitted detector.

The LSM 5 Pascal  are controlled by ZEN 2009 software.

LSM 5 Pascal Objectives LSM 5 Exciter Objectives Laser Lines
10x 0.45 NA 10x 0.45 NA 405 nm
20x 0.8 NA 20x 0.8 NA 458 nm
40x 0.8 NA (water dipping) 488 nm
40x 1.3 NA (oil immersion) 40x 1.3 NA (oil immersion) 514 nm
63x 1.4 NA (oil immersion) 63x 1.4 NA (oil immersion) 543 nm
AxioImager_small crop