Confocal and general microscopy training

All users of the Optical Imaging Facility are required to be trained by Seth Ruffins prior to independent use of the instruments. The only exception is if users demonstrate that they can operate the instrument independently, as judged by Seth Ruffins. Trained users cannot train others.

Training consists of two sessions:

  1. A three-hour session that covers:
    • the basics of fluorescence and confocal microscopy;
    • an introduction to the microscope hardware and the prepration of samples for imaging;
    • setting up and acquiring images with ZEN software; and
    • independent time with the microscope.
  2. A follow-up session during which the user operates the microscope while being observed.

Refresher training

Refresher training is for those who have not used instruments for one year or more. During the refresher, the user operates the microscope while being observed.

Imaging services

Clients can opt for the Optical Imaging Facility to perform imaging. Clients are required to be present during imaging.

Analysis and visualization

We will help to guide users in the use of analysis and visualization software.

Slide scanning services

Slides scanning services are available for brightfield and fluorescent specimens. Four fluorescent channels are available (blue, green, red and far red). The scanner can accommodate 1″x3″ and 2″x3″ slides.

Large-format printing services

We provide large-format printing suitable for conference posters. Files to be printed should be formatted as PDFs (not Power Point). Depending on demand, prints can be made same day if received before 3:00 PM. Files can be e-mailed to: and cc: