University of Southern California

Microscopy Core Facility

USC Stem Cell

Confocal Microcrope: Zeiss LSM 780 AxioObserver.Z1 (inverted configuration)

Location: Broad CIRM Center (BCC) 309C

Description: The LSM 780 is our most sensitive confocal microscope. It is equipped with a multi-spectral array GaAsP detector for increased sensitivity and lower noise.

The array detector can capture 32 channels simultaneously in “lambda” mode. Weak fluorescent signals are more easily imaged with the GaAsP detector, and the increased sensitivity allows for faster acquisition and reduced sample illumination.

The microscope also has:

  • a 32 channel multispectral array detector (GaAsP) + 2 fluorescent detectors + 1 transmitted detector;
  • a motorized xyz stage; and
  • a temperature and CO2 controlled environmental chamber.
Objectives Laser Lines
5x 0.25 NA 405 nm
10x 0.45 NA 458 nm
20x 0.8 NA 488 nm
40x 1.1 NA (water immersion) 514 nm
40x 1.4 NA (oil immersion) 561 nm
594 nm
633 nm


780(1)._small crop