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Confocal Microscope: LEICA SP-8X with Digital Light Sheet (DLS): Inverted configuration

Description: LEICA’s SP-8X is both a spectral imaging confocal microscope and a lightsheet microscope. Excitation illumination is provided by an Argon and a supercontinuum white light laser. The available resonance scanner scans at 8000 lines/sec (~15fps at 512×512 pixels/frame). The SP-8X is equipped with three HyD detectors and two PMTs for fluorescence imaging and one for transmitted light. The HyD detectors are GaAsP enhanced Avalanche Photodiodes  which provide high sensitivity with exceptional signal to noise.

Ibidi stage top incubation is available.

The SP-8X also has a Digital Light Sheet module for 3&4D imaging of live specimens.

Objectives Laser Lines
2.5x 0.07 NA 405 nm
10x 0.3 NA 458 nm
20x 0.7f NA (multi immersion) 488 nm
40x 1.3 NA (oil immersion) 496 nm
60x 1.4 NA (oil immersion) 514 nm
470-670 nm (Supercontinuum white light)