University of Southern California

Microscopy Core Facility

USC Stem Cell

Confocal Microscope: Zeiss LSM 800: AxioObserver.M2 (Upright configuration)

Description: The LSM 800 is intended for routine confocal imaging. The available lasers were selected to excite the most commonly used fluorochromes. A motorized xyz stage allows for tile scanning as well as imaging multiple regions on a slide. The LSM 800 is equipped with 3 GaAsP detectors which are nearly twice as sensitive as conventional PMTs allowing for faster imaging and illumination power.

Objectives Laser Lines
10x 0.3 NA 405 nm
20x 0.8 NA 488 nm
40x 1.3 NA (oil immersion) 561 nm
63x 1.4 NA (oil immersion) 640 nm


LSM 800