University of Southern California

Microscopy Core Facility

USC Stem Cell

Wide-field Fluorescent Microscopes: Zeiss AxioImager.A1 (upright configuration)

Locations: Broad CIRM Center (BCC) 205A and 403B

Description: These microscopes are equipped with the Apotome module. The Apotome uses structured illumination optical sectioning and is an alternative to confocal microscopy. Apotome uses a conventional epi-fluorescent light source and is faster and more convenient than laser scanning confocal in some applications.

DIC optics

Cameras: AxioCam MRm monochrome camera, AxioCam HRc color camera

Objectives (location 205A) Objectives (location 403B)
10x 0.45 NA 10x 0.45 NA
20x 0.8 NA 20x 0.8 NA
40x 0.8 NA (water dipping) 40x 1.3 NA DIC (oil immersion)
63x 1.4 NA DIC (oil immersion)
63x 0.9 NA (water dipping) 40x 0.8 NA (water dipping)
63x 1.4 NA DIC (oil immersion)
Axioimager 1 crop
Axioimager 2 crop